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Drawing Strength From Diversification


During the first half of the 20th century, Templeton Coal Company, Inc., operated exclusively as a coal mining company. Templeton’s coal mining activity involved both underground and surface mining and was conducted by Templeton directly and also indirectly through affiliated businesses. The coal mining industry often experiences swings between periods of boom and bust. Templeton encountered these industry cycles which create challenges for a small company attempting to chart a steady course for stable return and growth. For this reason company leaders long ago deemed it desirable to expand into other industries to provide greater predictability to the company’s overall performance. Since 1954 Templeton has operated as a diversified company. This business philosophy provides strength and stability because each unique business operates within its own industry and the associated ebb and flow of markets and products.  These differences spread risk, broaden opportunity and provide balance affording the company the greatest opportunity to reach its long-term value goals. While the company has not directly operated a coal mine for several decades, it continues to build and exploit its interests in coal.