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Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Glas-Col is a worldwide leader in manufacturing laboratory products for science and industry. Through innovation and acquisition, Glas-Col provides unique and varied lines of equipment.


Like many companies, Glas-Col was born out of near disaster. In 1939, a research scientist named Dr. Glen Morey was injured when a gas burner heating an oil bath ignited vapors from a shattered flask of acetone, causing a sudden fire. The inventive Morey knew there must be a safer way to heat chemicals that would eliminate the need for open flame burners and electric heaters with exposed coils. In their spare time, he and his wife, Ruth, developed a heating device with electric resistance wires woven into a fiberglass cloth sheath. They called their invention the “heating mantle” because it completely enveloped a laboratory flask just as the earth’s mantle encloses the planet’s core. To this day, the heating mantle is the standard way to heat in a laboratory, and Glas-Col owns about 98% of the domestic market.


Glas-Col’s line of heating mantles includes both fabric and metal-housed versions, and they can also be made on a custom basis to fit specific needs of a laboratory or industry. Glas-Col also supplies accessories to go with the heating equipment, such as temperature controls. Glas-Col responds to customers quickly and with great flexibility. If a custom mantle or mixer is needed, for example, Glas-Col has the on-staff engineers and manufacturing experts to create prototypes and eventually manufacture just one or a few of a certain product.  Glas-Col recently adapted a standard mixer for sample preparation work of pesticide in foods, which is now used at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


In addition to heating equipment, Glas-Col also manufactures many other products for various markets including, but not limited to, the following:

Standard Laboratory         Robotic Mixing & Automation         Biotech Industry                           Industrial Market     
• Heaters • LABNETIX Software • BioNeb® • Can and Drum Heaters
• Evaporators • Modular Mixers • Inhalation Exposure System    • Glass Plant Heating
• Glove Bag™   • Micro-Expression Shaker • Stirmantle
• Homogenizers   • Pneumatic Egg Punch • Mixers
• Lab Accessories      
• Water Flow Monitor      
• Rotators      
• Shakers      
• Stirrers      
• Vortexers      


Glas-Col at a Glance

Founded: 1939

Affiliated: 1954

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

Products: Scientific equipment for laboratory and industry

On the Web: glascol.com