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Terre Haute, IN 47807-3219

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About Templeton Coal Company

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About Templeton Coal Company

Founded as a mining company in 1920 by Scottish immigrant John A. Templeton, Templeton Coal Company, Inc., is a diversified business overseen from a corporate office located in Terre Haute, Indiana. The company has land and mineral interests in nearby Sullivan, Greene and Knox counties and also oversees the activities of four subsidiary companies: Glas-Col, LLC, Terre Haute, Indiana; Dicksons, Inc., Seymour, Indiana; Plumb Supply, LLC, Des Moines, Iowa; and Riback Supply Company, Columbia, Missouri.  You can read about each of our subsidiaries here. Templeton Coal Company is a privately held company.

Templeton’s subsidiaries operate in three unrelated industries under the direction of committed leadership teams which function independently of one another. The management of each subsidiary is afforded sufficient autonomy to develop industry specialization and operational excellence. Leadership concerning broader business objectives and achieving company-wide efficiency is provided by the corporate office. Diversification allows Templeton Coal Company to provide stability and enhance value for all company stakeholders, including customers, employees, business associates and shareholders. Templeton is committed to operating as an independent enterprise intent upon building value. The company actively pursues growth through its present business undertakings and the evaluation of acquisition opportunities.